Getting a Visa for Laos: Costs, Requirements, & Extensions

Following the Mekong: Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

Prostitution is on the rise in Laos, and with it the inevitable scourge of sexually transmitted ailments (STDs). Gonorrhoea and syphilis are common but easily treated with antibiotics. Symptoms of the former embrace ache or a pus-like discharge when urinating.

Slow Boat to Luang Prabang (2 days, 1 night time)

Today, the debauched days are a distant reminiscence and the beautiful karst peaks around Vang Vieng have turn into the number one spot for outside adventures in the nation. While river tubing nonetheless exists in a really light form, most come for mountain climbing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and caving.

You’ll see Lao people swimming fully clothed, wrapped in a sarong or generally in jeans. You can all the time take it off when you’re in the water, however you’ll keep away from uncomfortable stares and mix in better. In the same vein, walking around city in swimwear is not culturally acceptable for men or women, so whenever you go swimming or tubing convey a shirt or sarong to cowl up if you get out of the water. Generally speaking, Lao tradition is straightforward going and really accepting.

ATMs can now be discovered throughout Laos and a rising number of institutions accept credit cards. Travelling via Laos with children could be both challenging and fun, but the rewards far outweigh any negatives.

The previous town was a perfect place to walk around, relax and benefit from the gorgeous river views. Unfortunately, we had been equally surprised by how costly we discovered Laos to be, significantly in comparison to the massively affordable nations of Thailand to the west and Vietnam to the east. Laos is a comparatively poor country which depends closely on imports and due to this fact issues can appear costlier than you may expect for South East Asia. Rainfall reaches its peak in August as showers turn into longer and extra intense, and little of the nation will remain dry.

The most handy method to carry money in Laos is to take a great provide of US dollars or Thai baht with you. ATMs have gotten more prevalent, but are still fairly rare, and even so it’s finest to not rely on them. In addition, some travellers have had problems with receiving funds from ATMs, with stories that their accounts had been debited regardless of not receiving money at the finish of the transaction.

Thai folks can understand most of spoken Lao, though maybe with difficulties. If the Thais are from the Northeastern region (Isan), then it’s easier for them, as the Isan dialect is very near Lao. Lao people in turn can understand Thai better, as a result of there is a lot of Thai media, Thai soaps, Thai books and magazins in Laos as well. In reality, for us, it was considered one of our highlights of Laos.

An open sore on or around the genitals is a symptom of syphilis. In women signs are inner and may not be seen.

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Luang Prabang, located in Northern Laos, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. In addition to the architectural sites and impressive temples, there are such a lot of issues to do in Luang Prabang. Some individuals even argue that it’s essentially the most stunning spot in all of Southeast Asia, which is saying so much!

Malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses are rife, and you’ll need to take a variety of precautions to avoid contracting these, particularly if you plan on spending long intervals of time in rural areas. Most resorts and guesthouses in Laos now declare to have sizzling-water showers – though in actuality the water is usually disappointingly chilly.

The Lao government points 30-day vacationer visas upon arrival in any respect international airports so you don’t have to think about your visa earlier than your trip. If you aren’t positive about your visa status, go to which will let you realize whether or not you need a visa based mostly in your nationality and the nation you wish to visit. Public displays of affection – even simply hugging – are thought-about tasteless by the Lao and is prone to trigger offence.

The Nam Song River is where you possibly can enjoy the infamous 'tubing' rides – a extremely popular exercise in Vang Vieng. That Luang (or the Great Stupa) in Vientiane is a nationwide symbol. It’s probably the most sacred monument within the country and is even on Laos' official seal. From the skin, That Luang looks extra like a fortress surrounded by high walls and it features 2 temples along with the spectacular 45-metre-tall stupa, the highest of which is covered with gold leaf. The greatest things to do in Laos mix gorgeous mountainous landscapes with ancient cultural sights.

Though the homosexual scene stays very underground in Laos, homosexual travellers are unlikely to be threatened or hassled. While historical past may have given them ample cause to mistrust outsiders, the Lao are a genuinely friendly folks and interacting with them is one of the biggest joys of travelling through the country. Always remember, though, that Laos is a Buddhist nation and so it’s necessary to dress and behave in a method that is respectful. Lao radio thrives, helped along by the truth that newspapers and TV stations aren’t obtainable to many people in the countryside.

Should you visit Cambodia or Laos?

Cooked food that has been sitting out for an undetermined period must be treated with suspicion. Healthcare in Laos is so poor as to be virtually nonexistent; the typical life expectancy is simply fifty seven.

The variety of cases of AIDS is also rising in Laos, largely the result of Lao prostitutes contracting HIV in Thailand. Most well being issues skilled by travellers are a direct result of something they’ve eaten. Avoid consuming raw vegetables and fruits that can’t be peeled. Dishes containing uncooked meat or fish are considered a delicacy in Laos however people who eat them threat ingesting worms and different parasites.

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